​​“Woman’s Studies in Asia Series” – An Example of Developing an African Studies Opportunity for African Feminism


​Ewha Woman’s University is noted as a name linked to a singular being which reflects the history of women’s studies in South Korea. The name, although linked to the historical perspective of a singular learner, also helps to encourage learning that has happened and continues to happen through initiatives adopted by organisations. Ewha Woman’s University has worked in relation with other universities in Asia - in particular, the “Woman’s Studies in Asia Series” developed by Ewha Woman’s University in Korea. This relation is suggested as a framework for this process. The scope of this paper defines the possibility for developing working guidelines to engage in challenges that are country-specific.

Furthermore, it seeks to investigate current learning through attendances at forums. In doing so it seeks to challenge misconceptions in the field, to dispel certain myths and to focus on works-in-progress which deal with women’s studies. It is important to stress that this paper is not intended to deny the work done on papers that currently exist, but rather to supplement them and develop a contextually relevant reader that helps to encourage learning in women’s studies in Africa. It also aims to work in collaboration with other countries of Southern Africa through relevant initiatives. The paper therefore seeks to produce knowledge from an Asian perspective and convert it so that it is relevant to the dynamics inherent on the African continent. It seeks to do so via engagement with topics such as politics, reproduction and health, violence, gender inequality, social and cultural perceptions and so on. In addition to this, the engagement with role-players who participated in the Women’s Studies in Asia Series, namely editors of each book and relevant authors, helps to understand the process followed, the challenges noted and the best practice guidelines on developing works which can then be used by universities interested in the area of learning... Read More

Presented at:

​​1st International Conference on Gender Research - ICGR 2018, ​Porto, Portugal​