​​​Education, Training and Development Practitioners and the Entrepreneurship Model in Outcomes Based Adult Education in South Africa.


​​​This paper focuses on practitioners within the outcomes-based education model for adults in South Africa. It is seen as a salient aspect that people become facilitators (trainers) and assessors while simultaneously being a subject matter expert specific to a workplace-based sector. Currently, in order to fulfil the role of trainer/facilitator there is no registration required with a sector education training authority and therefore the efficacy of the role of facilitator is assumed, rather than demonstrated. As such there is the need for assessors and moderators to be formally registered as constituents, as credits and qualifications are awarded to learners.

Furthermore, Education, Training and Development practitioners have the possibilities to become consultants. However, they rarely do so in permanent positions, but rather on a casual or freelance basis as a result of work availability being based on projects. Education, Training and Development practitioners therefore tend to have their own business or work as independents, which means they feel the need to work as entrepreneurs or take an entrepreneurial approach to their work. Findings for this paper are based on surveys utilising Education, Training and Development websites and on investigations involving the role of Education, Training and Development practitioners and how they relate their skills within the dynamic of the industry.

Some challenges noted are that people not only sometimes feel transient within the industry, but also isolated. As well as the need to manage many projects at once, they may find it difficult to locate permanent work which results in them wanting to leave the industry. Best practice guidelines are considered in order to support the credibility of Education, Training and Development Practitioners in South Africa and abroad. These include entrepreneurship best practice, as well as compliance to quality assurance bodies in regulated outcomes-based unit standard models of learning... Read More

Presented at:

​​​​​6th International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018 (ICIE18), Washington DC