​Academic Leadership Challenges- Ensuring Relevance in The Work Integrated Learning Space


​​This paper will consider how Academic Leadership models are able to create a relationship between academia/learning and industry as well as work integrated learning, without compromising the pursuit and development of academia. Ensuring that practical tasks and opportunities safeguard the transfer of knowledge into practice and ensures a credible validation of learning and its relationship with the workplace. Public and Private institutions need to partner with industry to ensure that all role-players, regardless of the funding model of the institution, manage the challenges noted. It is therefore critical that Academic Leadership within an academic institution is bound by a best practice model guideline.

South Africa provides opportunities to students for the pursuit of academic opportunities mostly from a public higher education space. Issues like “Fees must fall” consider the challenges felt by students around access and opportunities noting challenges to the cost of education. Private Higher Education should develop Academic Leadership which can transcend. The role of academic leaders is not only to ensure this is met, but also in ensuring that the work readiness at the end of formal qualifications are engaged with work place-based institutions through work integrated learning.

Models should be developed which link private academic institutions with public to encourage best practice. These could include investment in resources, development of work integrated models, leadership development and mapping... Read More

Presented at:

​13th European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, London